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EYE-TECH technology gives the possibility to capture images with a dynamic range that can be set by the user from standard linear to very high, with different discharge curves set also frame by frame with hundreds of possible combinations, and with the required/needed sensitivity.
The response is acquired natively on the sensor with the desired dynamic range and no need for external digital processing, reducing the complexity of algorithms, the data load and the power consumption.

intelligent image sensor

A step forward

EYE-TECH approach overcomes the limitations of commonly used HDR techniques thanks to its fundamentally different approach to HDR in combination with AI engines. It results in a disruptive approach to Intelligent Vision which takes advantage of the flexibility of EYE-TECH adaptive HDR with the combination of a digital brain able to manage visual data to reconfigure the sensor, to extract structured data to be used in machine vision applications and even to directly extract information and take decisions.

intellectual property

Intellectual Property

EYE-TECH adaptive HDR is protected by a patent family owned by the company:
US2014204189, WO2013046003, IT201700066147, IT102020000011380

Custom solution

EYE-TECH provides a complete service for the design and production of custom image sensors.

Several applications have specific requirements not fulfilled by commercially available sensors.
Even more, to survive in the market jungle it is fundamental to differentiate from the competition.

To address these needs, EYE-TECH offers its expertise in CMOS image sensor development to provide Customers with the design and production of image sensors beyond the state of the art, by integrating its own technology for adaptive HDR (High Dynamic Range) inspired by the human eye. 

Image sensor design service

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