The experience gathered on the field has made evident that the tunability feature of EYE-TECH technology is very important in many application domains recently approached with Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning and where the environmental conditions cannot be kept under control.



Today imaging technology can achieve great performance, collecting images at any speed, with brilliant colours, hyper resolution and even huge contrast (high dynamic range – HDR), but never achieving the optimal response in any light condition, as the biological eyes do. This is limiting the use of image sensors in many contexts and makes the current image sensors unsuitable for use in many viewing but even more in many AI-driven applications where the information content of a scene is more important than the scene itself.
In automotive, intelligent driving systems that make use of video feeds and other sensors modalities are not allowed to fail. What might lead to merely acceptable image quality degradation for humans consumption, may lead to sudden unacceptable failures for a computer vision system. It is vital to provide these systems with all the necessary information from the environment in order to make proper decisions.
Today the problem is resolved by redundancy in camera systems, integrating LIDAR, plus RADAR, plus night vision cameras, plus HDR image sensors. The result is a surely safe system but very complex and with huge costs.
At EYE-TECH we are utterly convinced that to overcome such limitations, it is necessary to better mimic the behaviour of the biological eyes.
EYE-TECH is addressing the new market needs by the proposal of an innovative approach to artificial vision, based on the company intellectual property, with the goal of dynamically tuning the response of the sensor to the real scene condition, always obtaining meaningful information, as the biological eyes do. 

image sensor for endoscopy


New, minimally invasive surgical techniques (i.e. robotic surgery) and new diagnostic techniques (i.e. capsule endoscopy) require more and more miniaturized instrumentation, simple to control and with low power consumption, but continuing to guarantee high image quality.
The market proposition for sensors with these characteristics is very poor and the need for custom designs is becoming mandatory.
EYE-TECH can make the difference in this field, when compared to competitive solutions, because of the strong experience in CMOS image sensor design in combination with a deep knowledge of the market requirements.
The uniqueness of EYE-TECH technology in this field can be translated in the reduction of the time needed for an endoscopic procedure and the increase in diagnostic capability. Indeed, the peculiarity of the sensor to adapt its response to the light conditions avoids in many cases the repositioning of the instrument by the medical doctor, saving time. Additionally, AI algorithms can help the diagnosis by setting the sensor to highlight relevant details and extracting information useful for a more accurate diagnosis. 

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